Borsao Garnacha for Sunday Grilling…AND, Torrential Downpours, and Multiple Tornado Warnings

Such a summer-like May Sunday afternoon!  It was filled with bright blue skies, warm breezes, and work in the flower beds.

Grilled chipotle burgers and potato salad were on tap for this idyllic Sunday afternoon.  The wine, a value-priced Spanish Garnacha, from Bodegas Borsao was my choice.

Garnacha, also known as Grenache in other parts of the world, is my new go-to grape.  Its acidity and tannins are typically low making it a palate-friendly drinker.  Garnacha grapes thrive in hot conditions where sugar content rises, driving high alcohol in the wine.  But Borsao keeps its alcohol content to 14% which maintains this wine’s approachable style.

Just as the burgers were about to finish on the grill, the rain began.  The sun was still peeking through, so we weren’t taking it too seriously.  Suddenly, it was pouring big sheets of rain, catching us a bit unaware.

Then the wind picked up and flower pots were overturning.  As we were throwing toppings on our burgers and splashing wine into glasses, the sirens began blaring!  Cell phones were chirping!

We planted ourselves safely in front of the television where we could watch storm developments.  Amid the chaos, I paused, and realized how perfect Borsao was accompanying everything.

Ripe plum and smoke aromas blend along with plum and blackberry flavors, tobacco leaf, and smoky spice–perfect with the rich spicy burgers and toppings.  The texture is gentle and pleasant, with a bit of spice and plum on the finish.  Gulpable, yet noteworthy!

Borsao turned out to be the best wine for grabbing and gulping on the way to a safe spot in the middle of a crazy Sunday central Iowa thunderstorm!

About the author: Sue Navratil

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