Apothic Rose… Hello There, Lovely Wine!

Well hello there, lovely wine!

After a long weekend in LaCrosse, Wisconsin filled with beer tee-shirts, pretzel necklaces, and general mayhem, I was longing for a light, lovely wine, filled with elegance and class.

The new Apothic Rose brought just what I needed!  The deep rose-colored hue mimicked the pink of cherry blossoms just before they are unfurled.  The presentation made me want to put on my spring dress and pearls.

The Rose is a new and limited release from Apothic Wines.  They blend Zinfandel and Cabernet grapes, and then employ the saignee method to extract deep colors and rich flavors from the blend.  Its timing is perfect; Just in time for Mother’s Day brunches or lazy afternoons on the warm patio.

Fresh strawberry and orange blossom aromas flow from the glass. Ripe strawberries are present on the palate along with sweet cherries, orange peel and vanilla.  I did wish for a bit more acidity to balance the sweet fruit.  But the finish is clean and hints at its alcohol level of 13%.

We enjoyed this lovely wine on the warm patio at the weekend’s finish, with a plate of cheeses and sausage.


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